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TECH-MINI Demo Screw Press

Updated:2020-05-15 10:25
As a rising star in sludge dewatering machine, multi plate screw press is famous for its wide application and excellent operation performance, and has been widely used in sludge treatment area. With the general awareness of environmental protection, some places, such as laboratories, small restaurants, passenger ships, etc., started to have the needs of sludge treatment. However, these clients are limited in professional experiences and knowledge, and their sites only allows very small installation space, which greatly restrict the working ability of standard size multi plate screw press and cause much trouble to them.
As the drafter of MSP national standard, to meet this new market needs, Techase developed a new mini size unit—— TECH-MINI Demo Screw Press.
1.Mini Size

The size of TECH-MINI Demo Screw Press is about 896mm*332mm*665mm, which is as small as a sewing machine. The weight is about 50kg, and it helps the mini machine be put to any narrow space to save large amount of construction cost. In addition, the operation noise is so low that the mini machine can be used in downtown areas, school districts and liners.
2.Normal Use as Standard Unit


Though small, perfectly formed. Dosing flocculation, sludge dewatering, automatic washing devices exist in the mini machine. The handling effect is as well as standard volute machine. It can lower the moisture content of the sludge to 80%, and the sludge treatment is up to 18kg ds/d. It is equivalent to the daily sludge treatment needs of a small and medium-sized canteen.
3.Transparent Inspection Cover & Window


In order to ensure the safety when handling sludge, Techase TECH-MINI Demo Screw Press adopts enclosed organic glass cover and observation window, which prevents unpleasant odor and harmful substances spreading. At the same time, users can observe the real-time operation. Because of this characteristic, TECH-MINI Demo Screw Press can be used in the daily experiments and teaching in the laboratories of various scientific research institutions.
4.All-in-One Design


In order to simplify the use of the mini machine, Techase adopts MCU control system to simplify electric control process to make the machine achieve one-click operation. Any freshman who didn’t operate a multi plate screw press before could use it easily only if someone else explained to him. Additionally, TECH-MINI Demo Screw Press use 220V power supply to work, and ordinary household power supply can drive it. There is no doubt that TECH-MINI Demo Screw Press can work as long as you have the condition to run a computer.
With the increasing awareness of environmental protection in the whole society, new demands and challenges are emerging in the field of environmental protection. In face of the new problems, TECH-MINI Demo Screw Press is an epitome of continuous innovation and enterprising spirit for Techase. In the future, Techase will continue to be rooted in the sludge and sewage treatment area to improve the technical level, solve the new problems and do our best for environmental protection career.
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