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Shanghai Techase Environment Protection Co., Ltd. (referred as “Techase Environment”), as the parent company of Techase Group which owns other 3 companies including Techase Equipment, Tongji Environmental Consulting, Techase Green Development, is a China based worldwide leading supplier of innovative equipment, technology, systems and solutions on sludge and wastewater treatment, silt dredging, etc. for the industrial and municipal markets. Techase is a powerful global brand with renowned trademarks, especially possessing expertise and references in sludge treatment. With its more than 40 subsidiaries, representative offices and agents, its sales network and installation references has covered 108 countries.

Techase environment has always been an innovator in the field of sludge and wastewater treatment with a continuous focus on the development of new solutions. We have successively reached strategic cooperation with Tongji University, Germany's Darmstadt University and Münster University of Technology, as well as foreign institutions such as Switzerland, the United States, the Netherlands, etc.

Techase developed the famous TECHASE® multi plate screw press, vertical fiber cloth media filter, ELASPRESS® super high pressure filter press, TECH-MINI screw press. We offer a comprehensive line of equipment for Sludge Thickening – Dewatering – Drying - Pyrolysis Carbonization - Thermal Pyrolysis. With over 20,000 installations for all industries and applications, we have accumulated unmatched experience and expertise.
Quality is future! Techase established new product trial production workshops and pilot test bases, strictly control and screen product quality, implement ISO9001:2015 and SS lean management, specify and record enterprise product standards. As a professional equipment manufacturer & solution provider of solid liquid separation, the excellent performance of tens of thousands of installation cases relies on strict requirements on the production line and sense of responsibility. We always keep in mind expectations of customers. Through strict quality management system and process-based supplier management system, the birth of each equipment has become the starting point for reliable operation of customers.
Besides strong technical support, Techase has a big professional, experienced, and skilled service team, and established a reliable pre-after-sales service system with fast response.

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