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Hydrothermal Brick Making

This technology is a non-burning preparation technology for sludge developed by Techase Union Tongji University of Materials Science and Engineering college, based on hydrothermal curing technology. It is a method of pressure forming and heat curing separate to simulate the groundwater thermal diagenesis. The sludge is firstly deep dehydrated, and then the non-burning preparation technique is further employed after the harmful components and heavy metal components contained in the dried sludge are coagulated and stabilized.
The specific process: crushing the dried sludge cake to particles with a particle size of less than 3 mm; adding a curing agent and other additives to the crushed powder, and thoroughly mixing; the raw material mixture after the mixing is transported to the automatic hydraulic brick machine by the conveyor belt. and then press moulding by a high-pressure provided by oil pump and hold pressure, and then pre-curing; the raw embryo after the completion of the curing is sent to the hydrothermal reaction kettle, and then the steam generated by the steam boiler is pressurized and heated. After a certain period of time, high-strength sludge bricks can be obtained, which can be turned into products after drying, grinding and other processes.
The use of hydrothermal curing technology to make sludge bricks can avoid the harmful gases generated during high-temperature incineration and the waste of resources caused by incineration. It not only overcomes the problems of crystal transformation, decomposition and volatilization which are insurmountable in some high-temperature preparations, but also has low production cost and uniform particle size of the cured product. In the low-cost case, the sludge is made into an environmentally friendly non-burning brick, and the sludge is turned into treasure. It is a new technology that is very environmentally friendly and has a lower production cost than the cement-sand-free brick.

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