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Vertical Fiber Cloth Filter

  • 3rd Generation SS Removal Cloth Filter
    Inlet SS ≤ 30mg/L
    Outlet SS ≤ 5mg/L
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TECF Vertical Fiber Cloth Media Filter, which was developed by Shanghai Techase Company with the cooperation of Tongji University, is a new advanced fiber cloth media filtration technology of optimized design, high efficiency, cost saving, small footprint, excellent performance and easy operation & maintenance.

It is specially used for tertiary filtration or suspended solids (SS) removal of wastewater, and also the retrofits of the old sand filters due to its smaller footprint when with same capacity. The effluent water quality can achieve as good as 5mg/l to satisfy the discharge standard requirements. This technology was awarded as" 11th Five-year National S&T Promotion Achievement "by the government for its outstanding performance.

 Inlet SS ≤ 30mg/L 

 Outlet SS ≤ 5mg/L

TECF Vertical Fiber Cloth Media Filter is used in the tertiary filtration process after the sedimentation process and clarification process.
Advanced treatment or reuse of municipal sewage
Advanced treatment or reuse of industrial wastewater
Waste water treatment of rural area  
Pretreatment of raw water
Surface water purification
Pretreatment of membrane process
Recirculated cooling water treatment

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