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The team started its venture when they still were postgraduates of Tongji University, majoring environment engineering, with a simple dream, at the time that multi plate screw press technology was in the bud. 

Mr Wen Biao Zhang, Mr Dao Guang Liu, Mr Jian Qiang Tian, the core leaders of the startup team, wondering what they could devote to our country and environment industry by using what they studied during university, founded Techase Environment company shortly after they graduated from Tongji University in year 2008, as fresh men entering into the society, without any experiences of living, working, starting up a business, managing a team, manufacturing a product, marketing, without any financial support or even family support, only having a completely new innovative technology – multi plate screw press. The story just began. 
Under the team’s great efforts and talents, Techase got its incredibly fast development in past 10 years. It has been the largest manufacturer of multi plate screw press world widely and provided equipment and services for customers in 107 countries and regions.
Techase has always been an innovator. From the very beginning, the company's activities are strongly related to both sludge and waste water. The products have been developed and improved in cooperation with the customer and for the customer. Techase has got over 100 patents and trademarks. Besides Techase® multi plate screw press, Techase invented vertical fiber cloth filter, super high-pressure filter press, one-stop organic waste processor, etc. for municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment.
To build a comprehensive line of sludge / wastewater treatment service, the team founded subsidiaries Techase Equipment, Techase Consulting, Techase Chemicals, Techase Engineering. With its more than 70 subsidiaries, representative offices and agents, the Techase Group is among the worldwide leading suppliers in the field of wastewater/sludge treatment and process engineering.
Looking forward to them creating a better future.
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