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TECF Vertical Fiber Cloth Filter

Updated:2020-05-08 15:50
In recent years, with the continuous promotion of the environmental policy, river regulation projects are springing up all over the country. However, river regulation usually has a tight construction period, large handling capacity, and most of them need to build temporary operation platform near the river. All the problems would bring certain limits to river regulation. How to treat the large amount of sludge in the river and how to discharge the sewage?

In face of the limits and challenges, Techase has promoted comprehensive river and lake management solutions and TECF vertical fiber cloth filter. They have been recognized by the majority of users because of the strong treatment advantages.

As the terminal water treatment equipment in the river treatment engineering, TECF vertical fiber cloth filter can not only solve the problem of sewage disposal, but also avoid the secondary pollution caused by incorrect sewage treatment, which can reduce the operation cost to a large extent.

Generally speaking, the silt volume in the river treatment engineering is huge, and the amount of sewage may increase correspondingly. Therefore, It is essential to treat the sewage.
The internal design of Techase TECF vertical fiber cloth filter has been upgraded by technology innovation, and the handling capacity becomes better to solve the problems of sewage treatment in the engineering. The water treated by TECF vertical fiber cloth filter can meet the first-grade A discharge standard and can be discharged directly into water or be reused.


With the rapid growth of the market demand for sludge advanced treatment, the requirements for sewage treatment equipment are getting higher and higher, and the application of media filter is getting wider and wider. Therefore, the filtration effect, the impact resistance and the effluent water quality should be the key points to the equipment.
On basis of combining the advantages of traditional media filter, the newly equipment TECF vertical fiber cloth filter researched by Techase has strong impact resistance. In face of large amount of sewage, It could reduce the water flow impact and ensure the water flow be filtered at a certain flow rate to reach the aim of stable operation in a long time. At the same time, it could improve the service life of the filter cloth separator to make the equipment more durable.


River treatment engineering usually adopts temporary operation platform, which brings some limits to the site, such as the site size, the operation cost and so on.
The operation and management of the TECF vertical fiber cloth filter produced by Techase is simple, and the installation is convenient, which is suitable for temporary operation platform. As the terminal water treatment equipment, it can solve the problem of sewage disposal efficiently. The treated water can reach the standard of in-line discharge water body, which could effectively reduce the operation cost.

Because of the fact that the project sites often use the temporary operation platform, the equipment should have the characteristics of flexible movement, convenient installation, and emergency treatment.
Techase TECF vertical fiber cloth filter has advantages of simple structure, easy installation, convenient moving and transformation to meet the emergency sewage treatment quickly.


The river treatment engineering has been promoted all over the country, and the application of TECF vertical fiber cloth filter is becoming wider and wider. From sludge treatment to sewage treatment, Techase is striving for excellence to provide more efficient and excellent solutions to river treatment.
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