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Polymer Station

  • Automatic Chemical Solution Preparing Device.
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Automatic Polymer Station

TCZB series three-chamber polymer station is highly efficient automatic equipment for continuous chemical dissolving and preparing. Both dry powder and liquid raw chemicals are suitable. This equipment produces quality active solution of even concentration. It is widely used in varieties of industries including municipal WWTP, paper making plants, oil fields, etc.

Three-Chamber Polymer Station
Continuous Chemical Dissolving and Preparing
Both Dry Powder and Liquid Raw Chemicals are Suitable
Produce Quality Active Solution of Even Concentration
Semi-automatic Polymer Station
TCJY series semi-automatic polymer station consists of PE dissolving tank, agitator and metering pump.

Consist of PE Dissolving Tank, Agitator and Metering Pump
Dosed Accurately by the Diaphragm Metering Pump
Simple and Flexible Operation

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