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Multi Plate Screw Thickener

  • A Panted Mechanical Sludge Pre-thickening / Concentrating Technology.
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TECN Multi Plate Screw Thickener is a new type of mechanical waste water concentrating equipment developed by TECHASE Company, which is featured by low power consumption, high efficiency, stability, full-automatic control. It directly and also continuously concentrates the solids of the waste water from the secondary sedimentation tank from 2,000 mg/L to 100,000 mg/L. It replaces the sludge thickening pool which causes stinky smell and phosphorous and reduces the capital construction cost and land occupation.
A typical multi-plate screw thickener consists of the electric control cabinet, the flocculation tank, the filter part and the filtrate collecting tank. The filter part consists of fixed rings, moving rings and a screw shaft through them.
The waste water and the flocculants are mixed well in the flocculation tank and generate floc units of 3~5mm which flows into the filter part and are pushed forward to the discharge end with the rotating of the screw shaft. Along with the pressure inner the chamber getting higher and higher, the filtrate is pressed out from the gap between the fixed rings and moving rings.
The rotating of the moving rings automatically cleans the gap between them and the fixed rings thus there will be no blocking problems that all the traditional concentrating equipment have.
Technical Features
Wide range of inlet solids content: 0.2%~5%
Stable outlet solids content: 4%~10%
High efficiency & Small land occupation
No blocking & No backwash water
Low power consumption, low operating cost, no noise
Closed structure, no stinky smell
Few wear parts, low maintenance cost, long service life
Automatic control, continuous operating, easy maintenance
Pre-thickening for sludge advanced dewatering system, working before filter presses
Replacement of the sludge thickening tanks
Other solids-liquid separation & dewatering processes

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