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TH Filter Press

  • 3 Times Pressure 4 Times Efficiency
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Elaspress® Super-high Pressure Filter Press-TH Series, which was developed by Techase in cooperation with Tongji University based on extensive R&D to meet customers’ requirements, is a new innovative pressure filter  that is supplied for a wide range of applications in municipal & industrial industries to generate filter cakes whose dryness which, depending on the filtered materials, can even reach 80% (20% humidity) under pressure.

 Elastic Media Type 

 Press Pressure: 2.5 ~ 7MPa 

Techase has optimized the structure of the conventional filter presses and ingeniously applied elastic medias of stainless steel to create pressure and reduce energy consumption. Owing to its design and innovation, when compared with other similar filter presses, Elaspress® Super-high Pressure Filter Press is considered of higher efficiency, smaller footprint, lower operation cost, higher performance and easier operation & maintenance.

Equipment Composition

Filter Pack: filter plates made of steel fitted with filter cloths, springs of stainless steel

Automatic Plates Shifting System

Movable Drip Tray

Hydraulic System

Control Cabinet


Available Options
Automatic Discharge

Automatic Cloths Cleaning

PLC Remote Control

Belt / Screw Conveyor

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