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TECHASE Innovation Shined at 16th Shanghai International Water Show - WATERTECH CHINA 2024

Updated:2024-06-04 10:26
On June 3, 2024, the 16th Shanghai International Water Show - WATERTECH CHINA 2024 grandly opened at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Hongqiao). The exhibition focuses on innovative achievements and benchmark applications in various fields such as industry, municipal, household, and commercial. From the latest technological products to cutting-edge solutions, it showcases the latest trends and development levels of the industry, helpin g to promote high-quality development of the industry!

The exhibition site was packed with people and visitors were in high demand. Thousands of exhibitors from various fields competed with innovative products and solutions, showcasing the industry's new vitality and charm with their expertise and innovation. At the meeting, Techase made a stunning appearance with Techase® Multi Plate Screw Press MPSP and New TD series Dust Free Low-temperature Belt Sludge Dryer, attracting many viewers to stop and watch, discuss and exchange ideas with its unique appearance design and product innovation.

Exhibition site

TECHASE® Multi Plate Screw Press MPSP
As a national high-tech enterprise that has been deeply involved in the field of environmental protection for 16 years, Techase has been customer-oriented for many years, continuously improving and innovating. TECHASE® Multi Plate Screw Press MPSP produced has made significant breakthroughs and developments in performance, materials, and intelligent automation. In terms of ring material, CFRP ring (carbon fiber reinforced composite material) is used, which is wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and has better performance. And the net screw TM for the treatment of tap water sludge can easily solve the problem of easy blockage of the shaft in tap water sludge. In the continuous deepening of development, specific problems are analyzed to meet the needs of different users. As of now, TECHASE® Multi Plate Screw Press MPSP have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions at home and abroad.

TECHASE Dust Free Low Temperature 4-Belt Dryer TD
The low-temperature sludge drying machine has been widely used in various industries due to its technological advantages of environmental protection, energy conservation, safety, and efficiency. As a result, there are higher requirements for the development of drying machines. The new generation TECHASE Dust Free Low Temperature 4-Belt Dryer TD produced by Techase has technological advantages such as no dust, no bottom ash, high energy efficiency, and no attenuation. It also has 7 major technological innovation points, including normal mud distribution, multi-layer mesh belt, wet film dust removal, heat pipe efficiency improvement, heat exchanger anti-corrosion, automatic ash cleaning, and integrated structure. We have overcome the industry challenges of high dust, abundant bottom ash, and easy attenuation commonly found in low-temperature drying machines in the current market, and have been widely used in industries such as municipal, chemical, pharmaceutical, electroplating, and semiconductor.

The 16th Shanghai International Water Exhibition is currently in full swing. If you want to learn more about advanced product technologies and solutions in the industry, and explore the latest comprehensive trends and trends, you can come to the exhibition. Techase is at 6.1 H419, looking forward to your visit!

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