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Congratulations! TECHASE MPSP (Multi Plate Screw Press) Research Institute Awarded “the Pioneer of Workers in Shanghai"

Updated:2024-05-17 10:27
Yesterday, Yangpu in Shanghai published the advanced collectives and individuals in Yangpu District who won the National and Shanghai May 1st Labor Certificate (Medal), and the Pioneer of Workers in 2024. The TECHASE MPSP (multi plate screw press) research institute was commended as "the Pioneer of Workers in Shanghai" with its excellent strength and achievements.

Report from Yangpu, Shanghai: Undertaking the formulation of industry standards, pioneering in the industry with over a dozen specialized products for different scenarios, including the 400 series super large MPSP (Multi Plate Screw Press), inorganic material-specific dewatering machines, and specialized equipment for coal slurry resource utilization. Exclusive development of CFPR carbon fiber composite materials for MPSP (Multi Plate Screw Press), obtaining 10 related patents, achieving import substitution in multiple application fields, and contributing to the cause of green, low-carbon environmental protection. The team leader, recognized as a top talent in Yangpu District and a "Yangpu craftsman," led the establishment of Shanghai Technician Innovation Studio, actively engaging in innovative research and development and mentoring of technical talents. The collective has been awarded the Yangpu District May 1st Labor Certificate and other honors.

Over the years, TECHASE MPSP Research Institute has been actively engaged in the high-quality development of the Multi Plate Screw Press (MPSP). Under the leadership of the team leader, through unremitting efforts and continuous innovation, the institute has promoted technological innovation and service upgrades of the MPSP products. Constantly exploring unknown territories, injecting a continuous stream of innovative vitality into the sustainable development of products, and comprehensively enhancing the comprehensive strength and core competitiveness of the products.
In the future, TECHASE will continue to maintain a spirit of forging ahead, constantly challenging and reaching new heights. While pursuing excellent quality and service, we will meet the needs of users and continue to strive for the construction of a green and harmonious environmental energy industry!
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