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TECHASE Attended The 25th IE expo China 2024 (April 18-20, 2024)

Updated:2024-04-23 10:01
In April, the gentle breeze brings the rarest spring scenery
In the colorful and lush Shanghai
What is suitable for viewing
Besides the vibrant natural beauty
Watching an environmental protection event is also a good choice
April 18-20, 2024
The world's second largest environmental exhibition
The 25th IE expo China 2024
Grandly held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center

As a communication platform leading the development trend of the environmental industry
This exhibition has attracted visitors from 27 countries and regions around the world
2457 companies are dedicating themselves to the exhibition
Gathering the strengths of various families, presenting a hundred flowers in full bloom
How was the scene? Let's take a look together

Technological progress lies in continuous innovation
At this year's Environmental Expo
Techase makes a stunning debut with three innovative products
Highlighting green, technological, and intelligent technologies
Splendid at booth C02 of N4 Pavilion
On site visitors gather in a continuous stream

TECHASE Dust Free Low Temperature 4-Belt Dryer TD
(Efficient, intelligent, no attenuation)
Intelligent innovative products developed and created by Techase
Four core technologies: no dust, no bottom ash, high energy efficiency, and no attenuation
Normal mud distribution, multi-layer mesh belt, wet film dust removal, and heat pipe efficiency improvement
7 major technological innovations in heat exchanger anti-corrosion, automatic ash cleaning, and integrated structure
Overcoming industry challenges and improving technical processes
Widely applied with outstanding product advantages

TECHASE® Multi Plate Screw Press MPSP
(3-year warranty, lifetime maintenance)
Newly upgraded equipment and materials
CFRP ring - carbon fiber reinforced composite material (aviation materials)
Wear and corrosion resistance, superior performance, and guaranteed quality
The equipment operates fully automatically without the need for manual monitoring
Low operating, maintenance, and labor costs
Has been exported to over 100 countries and regions both domestically and internationally

Super High Pressure Filter Press
(3 times pressure, 4 times efficiency)
The sludge discharge effect is stable, with a moisture content of about 50% in the sludge
Pressing pressure is high, work cycle is short, and efficiency is higher
Metal filter frame and elastic medium, filter plate with a lifespan of over 8 years
Large filtration area and small footprint
Low energy consumption, no secondary pollution, and low operating costs

Techase innovative filter frame/filter plate
TH type, YG type, TPC type, TP type
High pressing pressure, long service life, only replacing filter cloth
Safe and stable, with good filtering effect

Sludge Intelligent Storage System
(Helping to build green, low-carbon, and smart water services)
0 manpower, 0 waiting, intelligent automatic
Replacing traditional conveyors and silos, clean, unmanned, and fully sealed
Seamless connection with various sludge dewatering equipment (screw stacking machines, centrifuges, presses, etc.)
Suitable for storage and transportation of sludge with various moisture contents

Comprehensive Treatment of Polluted Rivers and Lakes
(Expert in Black and Odor Water Treatment)
Low carbon and environmental protection, low investment and operating costs
High degree of integration and automation, continuous operation
Easy installation, small footprint, suitable for transfer operations
Good economic benefits and high resource utilization rate in the later stage

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