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Hello, Ordos!|TeChase Attended 17th Ordos International Coal and Energy Industry Expo

Updated:2023-05-08 13:36
On May 6-8, 2023, the 17th Ordos International Coal Expo opened grandly in the Tianjiao Holy Land. The exhibition lasts for three days and promotes the exchange and progress of innovative technologies at various nodes in the coal and energy industry in the form of "one city, two exhibitions". As the capital of energy, Ordos is rich in coal resources. This unprecedented international event in the energy field will also be a shining moment for Ordos to build a "world-class energy industry".
As an invited enterprise, TeChase's coal slurry treatment solution made a stunning appearance at the T209 National Fitness Activity Center in Dongsheng District, one of the "Double Exhibitions".

The 17th Ordos International Coal Expo, with the theme of "intelligence, green, safety, and efficiency", is committed to building a new display platform for the high-quality development of the coal and energy industries. The exhibition has established eight exhibition areas, covering advanced new technologies, products, processes, and achievements in various technical fields. It has attracted over 1000 exhibitors to make a grand appearance, including more than 20 Chinese and foreign Fortune 500 companies, dozens of internationally renowned innovative enterprises, as well as numerous industry experts and scholars. Jointly create an international exchange event to assist in the transformation of coal technology achievements and the high-quality development of the energy economy.

At the meeting, TeChase presented one of the company's core product series, the mini stacked screw sludge dewatering machine and product interactive screen, in a multifunctional and multi-form presentation. The unique exhibits have attracted a large number of visitors for consultation, and the scene is extremely popular. In recent years, TeChase has developed rapidly in the coal industry, promoting the market with intelligent, environmentally friendly, safe and efficient product solutions, and continuously expanding its market share. As of now, TeChase's coal slurry treatment solutions have been widely applied to many large coal chemical enterprises such as Shanneng Group.

TP Type Special Ultra-high Pressure Elastic Press for Coal Slime
The TP type coal slurry special ultra-high pressure press produced by TeChase, jointly developed with Tongji University, has many advantages such as long safe and stable life, low investment and operation costs, and high value-added benefits of coal slurry. The minimum moisture content of coal slurry can reach about 12%, making it ultimately become "gold"!

Application case presentation

Coal slurry dedicated Multi Plate Screw Press
The special stacked screw type sludge dewatering machine produced by TeChase for coal slurry has a moisture content of about 40%. Safe explosion-proof, fully automatic operation, flexible equipment movement, simple installation and maintenance, suitable for underground operations in coal mines and other places.

Application case presentation


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