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TeChase Attended 21th Taiyuan Coal (Energy) Industry Technology and Equipment Expo 2023

Updated:2023-04-24 13:53
In the spring filled April
TeChase keeps moving forward
This time I came to the "Beautiful Taiyuan City" in Shanxi again
As one of China's important energy and heavy industry bases
Taiyuan is also a famous historical city that "controls mountains and rivers, and sits on the shoulders of the world"
The third meeting in April
TeChase is in Taiyuan, making an appointment with you

On April 22-24, 2023, the 21st Taiyuan Coal (Energy) Industry Technology and Equipment Exhibition was grandly opened at the Taiyuan Xiaohe International Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition showcases various high-tech achievements and intelligent high-end equipment in coal mining and energy industry energy conservation and emission reduction, smart mining, 5G application, coalbed methane development and utilization. As an invited guest, TeChase made a grand appearance with its core technology - coal slurry treatment solutions.

Shanxi, as a major coal province in China, is also a comprehensive pilot province for the national energy revolution. Intellectualization of coal mine is the core technical support for high-quality development of coal industry. Accelerating the construction of intelligent coal mine, building a new system of intelligent+green coal mine industry, and realizing intelligent mining and clean utilization of coal resources are strategic tasks and the only way for high-quality development of China's coal industry in the new era. Taiyuan Coal (Energy) Technology and Equipment Exhibition, as the largest exhibition in the provincial-level coal industry in China, has become a nationally renowned brand exhibition, playing an important role in the improvement of technology and equipment, as well as the automation and intelligent development of the coal industry in Shanxi Province and even the whole country.

At the exhibition, TeChase showcased one of the company's core products, the MINI type stacked screw sludge dewatering machine, as well as a high-tech intelligent interactive screen, from a comprehensive perspective of technology, intelligence, and diversity. The scene attracted a large number of visitors for consultation, and everyone expressed strong interest in TeChase's products and solutions. The scene was bustling with visitors.

TP Type Special Ultra-high Pressure Elastic Press for Coal Slime
TeChase's TP type coal slurry dedicated ultra-high pressure press, jointly developed with Tongji University with an industry-leading operating pressure of 10MPa, makes coal slurry dewatering more thorough, with a minimum moisture content of about 12%; And without the need for heat sources, the investment, operation, and maintenance costs are low, and the value-added benefits of coal slurry are significant; And the main structure of the equipment has good strength and is more durable; And the TeChase maintenance platform provides multiple guarantees to ensure stable operation on site. With these outstanding advantages, TeChase's coal slurry machine has been widely used in many large coal chemical enterprises such as Shanneng Group, providing product solutions for numerous coal mine sites.

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Coal slurry dedicated Multi Plate Screw Press
Due to site limitations, there are many requirements for the treatment of mine water at the coal mine site. The TeChase's special stacked screw type sludge dewatering machine for coal sludge has good solid-liquid separation effect, and the moisture content of coal sludge is around 40%; Safe explosion-proof, explosion-proof grade I; Low energy consumption, low operating costs, remote control of the Internet of Things, 24-hour no need for manual duty; And the mobile assembly is flexible, suitable for underground operations in coal mines and other places. The MINI type stacked screw sludge dewatering machine exhibited this time is smaller in appearance design, more convenient and flexible in movement.

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