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Long Time No See: TeChase Attended 24th IE expo China 2023 Shanghai (IFAT)

Updated:2023-04-24 09:45
April 19-21, 2023
The 24th China Environmental Expo
Grandly held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center
As the most influential and high-quality environmental technology exchange event in Asia
The exhibition brings together the world's top cutting-edge environmental governance technologies and solutions
Attracted tens of thousands of visitors to the exhibition
How was the exhibition site? Let's take a look together

A long awaited industry event
Including high-end and advanced environmental protection technologies both domestically and internationally
Its wide range of fields involved
The abundance of products showcased surpasses the past
As an old friend of the Environmental Expo
TeChase's exhibition this year is still exciting
On booth A15 of Pavilion N4
Visitors are constantly coming, and the scene is bustling with people

Low Temperature Sludge Dryer

New exterior design
Unique and eye-catching among a multitude of devices
Solar energy+waste heat multiple heat source process, more environmentally friendly and energy-saving
The moisture content of dry mud is 10%, and the stable effect of mud discharge is good
Internet of Things control, fully automated operation
Low carbon intelligence, low investment and operating costs

Super High Pressure Filter Press

80% sludge is directly fed, making the process simple and convenient
Dry mud has a moisture content of 50% and a large processing capacity
High pressing pressure and short working cycle
High operating efficiency and long service life

Multi Plate Screw Press

Unique CFRP ring design
Stronger wear and corrosion resistance
Equipment maintenance is simple and convenient, with a long service life
Fully automated, no need for manual attendance

Comprehensive treatment solution for river and lake sludge/construction mud

Low carbon environmental protection, low investment cost
High degree of integration and automation, continuous operation
Good economic benefits
High resource utilization rate in the later stage

Concurrent meetings

Meetings held concurrently with the Environmental Expo
At the Ecological Environment Innovation Technology Forum
Dr. Song Yu, Director of Environmental Protection Research and Development and Deputy Director/Senior Engineer of "One Institute, Two Centers" at TeChase
Bringing a wonderful speech titled "Innovation and Application of Whole Process Sludge Treatment Equipment"
Professional and advanced technology sharing
Received enthusiastic attention and discussion from the attending guests

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