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Filter Dewatering Bag

  • Low Investment Effectively Filter Silt Sediment and Sludge
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Filter dewatering bags are designed to control and filter silt and sediment laden water during dewatering activities. They are made from durable geotextile filtration fabric suitable for removal of sediment and oily waste water sheen.
Sediment filter bags have been widely used on small bridge construction jobs where there is no space available to construct a sedimentation basin. Muddy, sediment laden water is pumped from the bridge pier excavations and is discharged into a sediment filter bag where almost all of the suspended sediment is contained.
Dewatering Filter Bags are a safe and effective way to dewater construction sites, lagoons, and sediment ponds. Muddy, sediment laden water is pumped from the project site and discharged into a filter bag. The sediment free water discharges through the walls of the geotextile bag and flows into a stream or drainage system. The bag's geotextile filter cloth acts as a barrier to the sediment. As a result, the sediment is retained inside the filter bag forming a filter cake that can be easily removed offsite or re graded in specified areas.

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