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Focus on Wine & Olive Oil Industries: TECHASE Attended ENOLIEXPO 2024

Updated:2024-03-12 16:16
From March 7th to 9th, 2024, the ENOLIEXPO Bari 2024 exhibition was grandly held in Bari, Italy. Focusing on wastewater and sludge treatment in the wine and olive oil industries, TECHASE's Italian office, as an invited representative, attended the exhibition. At booth C9-D10, they showcased the TECH-201MAF Techase® Multi Plate Screw Press Skid Sludge Dewatering System, demonstrating China's manufacturing prowess on the international environmental stage!

The ENOLIEXPO Bari 2024 exhibition in Italy focuses on environmental technology, sustainable development, and green industries, attracting widespread attention from professionals and exhibitors worldwide. The environmental protection industry, as the focus of the exhibition, showcases all kinds of advanced environmental protection technologies and products, from renewable energy to recycling technologies. Exhibitors and professionals from various countries gathered together to share experiences, discuss cooperation, showcase their innovative achievements and solutions, and jointly promote the progress and development of the environmental protection industry to address increasingly severe environmental challenges.

In addition to showcasing environmental protection technologies and products, ENOLIEXPO Bari 2024 also held a series of seminars and forums to discuss environmental policies, sustainable development models, and the future development direction of green innovation. As a professional exchange and cooperation platform in the international environmental protection industry, this exhibition has injected new vitality into the innovation and development of the environmental protection industry, and promoted the dissemination and application of environmental protection concepts in Italy and internationally, contributing positively to the construction of a more environmentally friendly and sustainable world.

During the exhibition, the TECH-201MAF Techase® Multi Plate Screw Press Sludge Dewatering System from TECHASE attracted the lingering attention of visitors from various countries. As the flagship product of TECHASE, the Techase® Multi Plate Screw Press has been deeply rooted in the field of environmental protection for fifteen years. Its applications span across municipal, industrial, chemical, pharmaceutical, fruit and vegetable, leachate treatment, coal chemical, and many other fields. With the development of equipment technology and new materials, TECHASE continues to innovate and revolutionize. The produced Techase® Multi Plate Screw Press boasts significant advantages such as fully automatic operation, 24-hour unmanned operation, low energy consumption, low investment and operating costs, excellent solid-liquid separation effects, and stable sludge discharge. Moreover, it saves a considerable amount of costs in terms of labor and maintenance. These remarkable advantages have made the Techase® Multi Plate Screw Press (MPSP) highly favored in the international environmental protection arena.

With years of innovative development and industry expertise, the Techase® Multi Plate Screw Press has been exported to over 100 countries and regions worldwide. Its presence spans across Europe and even globally, serving over 5000 customers with products and solutions. It has garnered widespread acclaim and recognition from users, establishing the TECHASE brand as a significant influencer in both domestic and international environmental sectors.

With the deepening development of global economic integration, environmental protection has become a common concern of the international community. Improving the innovation and development of environmental protection technology and equipment, promoting the progress and breakthroughs of the environmental protection industry, is the responsibility and obligation that every environmental protection enterprise should fulfill. Techase will continue to innovate and strive to be the first, using green, technological, and sustainable environmental equipment and technology to promote sustainable development of the environment.
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