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Techase After-sales Service Team: 24 Hours Online For You

Updated:2022-03-24 10:35
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During the peak period of operation and maintenance, please make an appointment in advance for on-site maintenance
Improper maintenance and poor experience
These after-sales situations that we may encounter in our daily life should be familiar to everyone.
For users, whether a product is trustworthy depends not only on the value of the product itself, but also on the timeliness and professionalism of after-sales service.

A good product should not only solve problems and create benefits for users, but also allow people to use them comfortably and with confidence.
And after-sales service is the last test to judge a product
Are you always online?
Is it maintained in a timely manner?
Does it solve the problem?
There is immeasurable effort and effort behind any product that sells well.
Whether it is Techase's flagship product-Techase® multi plate screw press, or Techase filter press with far leading sales, or Techase low temperature sludge dryer with increasing orders, they are widely used and highly praised.
And behind these, how does Techase take into account the quality and service, and finally win the trust of customers!

Quick response and global service
Timely response and professional and excellent after-sales service can better solve on-site problems.
Whether it is the remote debugging guidance of overseas equipment under the epidemic environment, or the on-site installation, operation and maintenance of domestic equipment, Techase's after-sales service team is always online.
Supplemented by the IoT early warning and diagnosis service system, the problem can be precisely defined.
Quick response and 24-hour service ensure the long-term normal and safe operation of the equipment.

Sophisticated technology and service first
Techase has a service support team with rich experience in project practice.
Professional and advanced technological innovation capabilities, superb and powerful on-site solution capabilities for practical problems, combined with high-tech service systems such as the Internet of Things, timely, accurate and rapid early warning and problem solving.
Go to every project site with superb technical ability and sincere service attitude, excellent technology and service first.

Strong guarantee and problem solving
After-sales service is expensive in a timely manner.
Techase always takes the needs of users as the first, and is anxious about what users are worried about and what users think.
Across time and geographical restrictions, as long as you have needs, we are always online and ready to go.
Strong guarantee, solve various problems on site, and give you a perfect equipment service experience.

Customer recognition and satisfaction is the greatest affirmation of the Techase brand, and it is also our eternal pursuit of service.
We will continue to provide you with sincere, professional and fast after-sales service.
Quality-oriented, service-oriented, continuous improvement, and do better.
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