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Updated:2022-03-04 18:04
One-sixth of the year 2022 has passed, and it is almost a month before we start construction. During this period of time, Techase has actively prepared and deployed various tasks around the strategic goal of "Year of Collaboration", and boosted its morale to start the first battle! In the working atmosphere filled with high spirits at this moment, Techase people are full of energy. The development of training activities, the signing of project orders, and the departure of environmental protection equipment are all witnesses to the achievements at this moment !

Sent to Shandong-Qingdao project site

Sent to Henan-Shangqiu project site

Sent to the Zhejiang-Shaoxing project site

Sent to Shaanxi-Yan'an Zichang project site
From the signing of an order, to the delivery of a piece of equipment, to the on-site installation and debugging, it is not only the user's support and affirmation of Techase's brand and equipment, but also Techase's sincere interpretation of its product strength and service capabilities. We strictly strive for perfection in every link, from solution to service, from pre-sale to after-sale, and every step is perfect. The goal of all efforts is only to provide users with the most efficient and perfect environmental protection equipment experience service, and to contribute to the construction of environmental protection under the impetus of a high sense of responsibility and mission!
Sent to Xinjiang-Khorgos project
Equipment packing

Watching the trucks full of environmental protection corporate responsibilities and missions drive into the distance and go to the whole country, I can't help feeling deeply. Although it is only a product shipment, but at a deep level, it is a small step forward in environmental protection management! Step by step, the effect is remarkable, and the step by step is steady and far-reaching. This is also our most noble and most valuable sense of honor as an environmental protection enterprise! In the future, Techase will also continue to forge ahead, live up to the green mountains and clear waters, live up to the original intention of environmental protection, and build a beautiful and harmonious green environment together with the majority of peers!
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