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Techase MSP Daily Maintenance & Trouble Shooting

Updated:2020-05-27 09:30
Without proper operation and maintenance, the service life of Multi Plate Screw Press (Hereinafter referred to as MSP) will be reduced in the long run. Therefore, it’s significant for end users to maintain and operate the machine in a right way, which can not only maintain good performance, but also improve the working efficiency and reduce economic losses.
Key Points: Improper Operation + Daily Check + Maintenance + Trouble Shooting

Improper Operation Causes High Failure Rate
Situation 1: Unscheduled Maintenance
According to statistics, 85% failure rate of MSP is caused by unscheduled or improperly maintenance. The key point to prolong the service life of MSP and improve the working efficiency is to do scheduled maintenance.
Situation 2: Overload Input Sludge

When the sludge inflow exceeds the capacity, the pressure in the main body is so large that the friction between moving rings and fixed rings will increase, which is easy for them to be abraded. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the sludge inflow according to the handling capacity to avoid overload operation.
Situation 3: No Maintenance Before Long Downtime

If you don’t clean MSP before long downtime, the residual sludge between the moving rings and fixed rings get dry and hard, which may block and stuck the rings. Keep multi plate screw press running for half an hour before stop it. If necessary, adjust the back pressure plate to the maximum gap and let sludge inside to be completely drained. Then clean the machine.
Situation 4: Hard Objects Enter Into Dewatering Body
When big slag blocks and other hard objects enter the dewatering body, the fixed rings and moving rings may be stuck to make the machine out of order. To avoid the situation, you can add a filter at the inlet to filtrate large volume hard objects.
Daily Check Guarantees High Efficiency

To maintain high efficiency, great quality, low cost and continuous operaion, the operators should do the daily inspection and maintenance to prolong its service life and improve the working efficiency.
Equipment Inspection
Equipment inspection is an effective means to correctly and timely grasp the technical status of the equipment and carry out equipment condition monitoring and maintenance. It is an important work to ensure the normal operation by checking the machine, you can discover and eliminate hazards to prevent the sudden failure and accident.

1.Daily Inspection
The daily Inspection is that the operators carry out a comprehensive technical inspection of all parts of the equipment according to the prescribed standards.
2.Key Inspection
The operators check and record the key parts each shift or at a certain time according to the equipment spot check card. Maintenance crews do effective maintenance and elimination according to the spot check card.
3.Regular Inspection
The maintenance screws should conduct a comprehensive inspection and measurement of the equipment performance to look for some problems. Besides debugging, they will also make detailed records of the inspection results as the basis of the equipment maintenance plan.
As for daily maintenance of MSP, cleanness, tidiness, lubrication, fastening, adjustment, corrosion prevention and safety should be as the daily maintenance items to check. In addition, establishing an effective maintenance management system to standardize and supervise for MSP is also necessary.
Maintenance Management

In order to improve the standard of the equipment maintenance management and build comprehensive management system, normalization, technologization, institutionalization should be achieved during the maintenance.

Normalization is the maintenance of content unity. For example, Formulate relevant process regulations to normalize which parts of MSP should be adjusted and which devices should be checked, etc.
Technologization is to specify the process of maintenance management according to the applications of MSP in different crafts, and maintain the system according to relevant process regulations.
Institutionalization, which is based on the different working conditions of MSP, is to specify different maintenance cycles and time rules and operators should strictly carry out it.
Trouble Shooting

Equipment Debugging Emergency Fault Analysis & Solutions
1. When cleaning the site manually, the workers accidentally sprinkle water on the motor, electric cabinet and other electrical components: Turn off the power and dewater the motor.
2.Accidentally drop tools or other things into the mixing tank: Turn off the mixing machine, empty the sludge from the mixing tank, and take out the corresponding material.  
3. Accidentally drop the tools and plastic pipes at the sludge entrance of MSP: Turn off the dewatering motor, open the bellows behind the dewatering machine, adjust the direction of rotation of the dewatering motor, turn on the motor, wait until you see something back, turn off the dewatering motor and take out the things that fall in.
4.In the operation of back pressure plate clearance adjustment, drop tools into the screw conveyor: Turn off the screw conveyor, open the cover plate on the screw shaft and take out the tools.
5.When operating the dosing system, sludge pump and mixing tank, accidentally encounter splashing liquid: Use different cleaning methods according to different liquids.
6.During the debugging, a power failure occurred suddenly and the equipment is not emptied: Turn off the control switch on MSP, clean and empty the machine after power supply.
7.During the debugging, due to the problems of dosage or sludge intake, the sludge cake discharged from the sludge outlet has a high moisture content or contains a large amount of liquid into the screw conveying system: Stop screw motors, sludge feeding pumps and MSP.
8.During the debugging, the sludge cake storage tank has been filled with sludge cake: Stop MSP system.

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