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Reference | Rudong River Silt Dredging Project

Updated:2020-06-02 09:50
Rudong, a city by the sea. It is rich in water resources, with rivers running all over the city, feeding generations of Rudong people. Rudong also attaches great importance to the protection of urban water resources, and the project of Techase is located in the coastal town.
The project is located in Juegang, Rudong, Jiangsu. Due to the long-term pollution of some river channels in recent years, a large amount of garbage, sludge and other pollutants have been deposited at the bottom of the river bed, which has caused serious blockage and directly affected the water storage function and drainage capacity of the river channel. The pollutants affected the water quality in the long time and caused serious damage to the surrounding environment. In order to recover the ecological function of urban water and improve the urban water environment, the project is aimed at dredging and solidifying these polluted river channels, and completely realizing the harmless, quantified and resource utilization of the sludge.
The scope of the project is Taiyun River, Jueju River, Juekan River urban section along the river and some tributaries, with a total length of 15.05 km. Three sludge solidification plants and two resource utilization yards are set up in the project to facilitate the treatment and disposal of river sludge after the dredging and solidification. The total dredging capacity is 379000 m³, 10 super-high pressure filter presses, 2 vertical fiber cloth media filters and related supporting treatment equipment of Techase are adopted, and the moisture content of sludge is controlled below 40%. The solidified sludge cake is respectively used for project greening soil and project backfilling soil.
The river sludge is transported to the sludge storage tank by the winch and suction vessel, and then sorted by the garbage sorting equipment. The sludge is successively transported to the sand basin and the concentration tank to remove the large particles of sand and gravel. In the meanwhile, the sludge is concentrated to improve the solids content. The sludge is pumped into the conditioning tank through the lifting pump. Under the action of the mixing device, flocculants, such as PAC and PAM are fully mixed up with the sludge and adjusted to the dehydration performance. The adjusted sludge is pumped through the plunger to the press for pressing and dehydration. The moisture content of the final sludge cake is less than 40%, which can be used as the project greening soil and project backfilling soil for resource utilization. The filter water, which flows into the clean water basin and handles by the media filter, can be directly discharged into the water body or recycled.
1.Stable and High Efficiency, Large Handling Capacity
In face of massive river sludge, our solution can be quickly and effectively desilting and solidification with large handling capacity. The moisture content of final sludge cake is about 40%.
2.Simple Installation and Operation
River regulation projects usually have tight construction period, and most of them need to build temporary operation platform near the river. The equipment has the advantages of flexible movement, convenient installation, and emergency treatment.
3.Low Cost, More Economy
The equipment used in the project has the characteristics of durability, low maintenance cost, and don’t need complex infrastructure, which can reduce footprint and investment cost to save project cost to a large extent.
4.High Resource Utilization Rate in the Later Time
After desilting and solidification, the final sludge cake has low moisture content and high resource utilization rate, which can be used as building materials to make bricks, engineering soil and greening soil to solve the sludge treatment problems completely. The treated filtrate can be discharged directly into the water body or recycled through the media filter.
With the general enhancement of the awareness of environmental protection, river regulation projects are spring up all over the country. Techase is striving for excellence to provide more efficient and excellent solutions to river regulation.
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