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Multi Plate Screw Press

  • A New Generation Sludge Dewatering Technology.
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TECHASE is always focusing on independent technology innovation. Under the cooperation with Tongji University, TECHASE has successfully developed the new generation of sludge dewatering technology -Techase® Multi Plate Screw Press, a screw type sludge dehydrator that is much more advanced in very aspects than belt presses, centrifuges, plate-and-frame filter presses, etc. It features clogging-free, wide range of applications, low energy consumption, simple operation & maintenance.

Overall Structure

Special Hard Core Screw Shaft 

400 Series Screw Shaft (Industry First)

Wear-free type of Multi Plate Screw Press (Industry First)

Special screw shaft for Sludge Thickener (Industry Only) 

Special screw shaft and machine for inorganic material (Industry Only)

Special screw shaft and machine for petrochemical,pectin,paper industry (Industry Only)

1.FEA Analysis

2.Special Surfacing Super Hard Wear Resistant Alloy Layer. Thickness Increased by 150 Times
3.Inside Diameter 10% Wider, Up to 400mm

4.Screw Shaft 10% ~ 15% Longer

Working Principle
Thickening: When the shaft is driven by the screw, moving rings around the shaft move up and down relatively. Most water is pressed out from the thickening zone and fall  down to the filtrate tank for gravity.
Dewatering: The thickened sludge moves forward continuously from the thickening zone towards the dewatering zone. With the  pitch of the screw shaft thread getting narrower and narrower, the pressure in the filter chamber increases higher and higher. In addition to the pressure generated by the back-pressure plate,  the sludge is greatly pressed and dryer sludge cakes produce.

Self-cleaning: The moving rings rotates continuously up and down under the pushing of the running screw shaft while the gaps between the fixed rings and moving rings are cleaned to prevent from clogging that happens frequently for traditional dewatering equipment. 

Key Features
Simple process, high efficiency, power saving, low investment
Programme setting makes the operation convenient and accurate
Exclusive flocculent helps with the dewatering performance
Accurate chemical preparation and dosage saves much operation cost

Techase® Multi Plate Screw Press can be widely used in municipal waste water treatment engineering as well as the industrial wastewater treatment systems.

Techase constantly focus on innovation & improvements of our products to meet the requirements of the market and provide our customers with products of reliability and high performance. So far, we've got tens of patents and varieties of pending technologies on Techase® Multi Plate Screw Press.

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