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Low Temperature Sludge Dryer

  • Adjustable Final Sludge Moisture 10%~50%.
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Low temperature sludge drying technology is injecting circulating, warm and dry air to evaporate and take away the moisture in the sludge cake produced by sludge dewatering equipment such as multi plate screw press, plate and frame filter press, super high pressure filter press and so on to achieve the purpose of sludge weight reduction. It is suitable for Municipal sludge and Industrial sludge such as pickling sludge, electroplating sludge, steelmaking ironmaking sludge, alumina sludge (red mud), oily sludge from oil fields and refineries, chemical and pharmaceutical sludge, papermaking sludge, printing and dyeing sludge and leather sludge, sludge weight reduction capacity of more than 70%, thereby greatly reducing enterprise production costs.

Overall Structure


 Adjustable Final Sludge Moisture 10% ~ 50% 

Characteristics & Features

1.Double Layer Mesh Belts
2mm mesh diameter (common length<1.8mm)
Double row sprockets, higher tensile strength
446 KN tensile strength, not easy to break

2. Double Corrosion Resistant Material
Condenser, evaporator: B10 Nickel alloy + Nano coating, Double Corrosion Resistant
Copper ion acceleration test: B10 Copper pipe rusts in 24 hours, Nano coating: 120H

3. Granulator with Distributing Feeder Improve Efficiency By 10%~30%
Uniform distribution, efficiency increased by 10%~30%
1. Easy to replace quick-wear parts (copper comb)
2. A large diameter roller shaft (≥184mm), high roller pressure, uniform distribution

4. Double-sided Stainless Steel Insulation Board
75mm thickness, 0.8mm double-sided SUS304 stainless steel plate, of high strength, not easy to deformation, over 5 times corrosion resistance of common steel plates.

5.Cooling System
The water-cooling system adopts the combination of closed cooling and open cooling, which not only ensures the cooling effect and stabilizes the system operation, but also reduces the operation cost and the failure rate of cooling system.

6. Imported First-line Brand - Copeland Compressor
Techase adopts self-developed heat pump system with good compatibility, high energy efficiency and excellent performance. The core component – compressor adopts imported first-line brand with high efficiency ratio and stable performance.

Techase New Technology

Solar Energy + Waste Heat Multiple Heat Sources
1.Solar clean energy is introduced; energy conservation and pollution reduction can be realized with strong environmental protection.

2.Multiple energy supplying ways with the same drying system (electricity / waste heat / solar energy), wide range of application.

3.Compared to heat pump and waste heat drying system, lower operation cost, the saving energy ratio can be up to 30% ~ 50%.

4.The exchanging heat part has strong corrosion resistance and reliable and stable system.
Technical uniqueness.

5.There is no other relevant products and technology in market.
Solar Energy Utilization System
Solar energy can be used directly and changed into hot water
Joint research and development with Tongji University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and the hot water temperature can be raised to 90℃.
Energy conversion efficiency is greater than 55%.
The Service life is more than 15 years.
It can be installed in workshop, pool, flat ground, etc.

Other Advantages 

1.Low Maintenance & Long Life
Stainless Steel Product
2.Full Automation
Very Easy Operation & Management
3.Low Energy Consumption Cost
Only 1/4 of Electricity Dryer

4.Safe, No Explosion Risk
50℃ Low Temperature Drying
5.Environment Friendly, Reduced Stink
50℃ Low Temperature Drying
6.Small Footprint, Easy to Assembly
Highly Compact Modular Design


In addition to the research and development of low temperature sludge dryer, Techase has introduced a systematic low  temperature drying solution through technological innovation. The sludge with high moisture content is processed through the multi plate screw press and KS filter press to reduce the moisture content of the sludge, and then the low temperature sludge dryer is used for centralized drying treatment. The whole scheme is efficient and convenient, and the sludge is discharged better effect.

Multi Plate Screw Press + Low Temperature Sludge Dryer

1.High Level Automation
2.Small Footprint

3.Multiple Choices For Subsequent Resource Utilization

KS Filter Press + Low Temperature Sludge Dryer

1.Less Need for Polymer
2.Low Investment and Operation Costs
3.Multiple Choices For Subsequent Resource Utilization

1.Moisture content ≤ 10% , Sludge reduction ≥ 70%
2.Advanced heat pump dehumidification technology
3.Process economy, reduce investment and operation cost
4.High-strength anti-corrosion material, stable operation and durable
5.Energy recycling, no secondary pollution
6.Efficient environmental protection, high utilization rate of later resources


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