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Techase Won Bid For DG STP Sludge Reduction Project

Updated:2020-05-19 08:32

Due to the situation that the standard of sludge treatment is improving in Dongguan, the original sludge disposal systems cannot satisfy the updated sludge treatment requirements for Dongguan Sewage Treatment Plant, which has made some impacts on daily production. The new treatment system can’t come into use in a short time, so the plant looked for a sludge emergency treatment supplier to help it provide sludge emergency dewatering reduction service. Shanghai Techase Environment Protection Co., Ltd. Joint Guangdong Huazhan Environment Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the bidding. Based on years’ advanced technology and rich experiences in sewage and sludge treatment, we stood out among so many bidders.
Project Profile
The daily treatment capacity of Dongguan Water Supply Sewage Treatment Plant is up to 400000 tons, and the production of sludge with 80% moisture content is 200T/D. Because of the fact that the standard of sludge treatment is upgrading in Dongguan, the moisture content must be reduced to 50% so that the sludge can be delivered out. According to the client’s requirements, before the new sludge dewatering equipment is put into operation, Techase provides sludge emergency reduction service.
Technical Characteristics
1.Small Footprint
Techase equipment is high integrated and compact in structure. Compared to the traditional equipment, the footprint can be reduced by 50%. Moreover, it has low requirements for engineering construction, which is suitable for short and temporary treatment.
2.Big Handling Capacity
The core equipment —— Techase Super-high Pressure Filter Press has excellent performance. It has high pressing force, thick sludge cake and short operation cycle.
3.Low Moisture Content, Strong Stability
The moisture content of the final output sludge cake with high strength and great breathability is stable at about 50%.
With the continuous promotion of environmental policies in recent years, the requirements for sludge treatment are becoming diverse. In order to cope with the requirements for environmental protection and provide better service for users who are not convenient to purchase sludge treatment equipment to treat sludge in a short time under the new situation, Techase also provides operation and maintenance service, so that there is no need for clients to buy sludge treatment equipment.
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