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Techase Exhibition Report | Aquatech China 2021

Updated:2021-06-03 15:26
On 2nd June, Aquatech China has been held at Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. Viewers thronged everywhere.
Techase Exhibition Site
The booth is concise but not simple.
The equipment is full of technology and innovation sense.
The sales are filled with enthusiasm and profession.
We’ve been receiving visitors all the time.
We’re looking forward to seeing you at 7.1H426
Techase Three Core Equipment
1.Low Temperature Sludge Dryer
Multiple Heat Sources Coupling, Saving 30% Electricity than Before
Solar Energy + Waste Heat Multiple Heat Sources
Multiple Heat Sources, Low Carbon, Smart
Sludge Moisture Content Dried to 10% and Weight Reduced By 80%
Safe and Efficient, Reduce Completely
2.Techase Multi Plate Screw Press
FEA Analysis, Adjustable Parameters
Wide Range of Use, Self-Cleaning without Blockage
Low Energy Consumption, Low Noise, Good Site Environment
IOT Remote Control System, 24 Hours Unattended Operation
Sales Network Covers 7 continents, 107 Foreign Countries with 5,000+ Overseas End Users
3.Super High Pressure Filter Press
80% MC Sludge Feeding Directly, Simple Technology
Low Energy Consumption, Low Operation Cost
High Operation Efficiency, Long Service Life
Stable Sludge Output, Good Equipment Performance

Live Media Interview
At the exhibition, Techase chairman, Mr. Zhang Wenbiao received two interviews, “Environmental Protection Online” and “China Brand Story – Quality Column”, and made an introduction about techase’ startup and equipment and claimed that only by innovation,  breakthrough, leading technology and product quality, could Techase be promoted to develop and accelerate environmental protection, and achieve the mission, to promote green development.

Technical Meeting

At the same time, Techase R&D Project Manager, Mr. He Dongwei shared Techase new technology, “"New Method of Sludge Squeezing and Drying Reduction”. He vividly stated new technology application of sludge treatment. From sludge deep dewatering, “80% MC Sludge Feeding Directly”, to sludge drying, “Solar Energy + Waste Heat Multiple Heat Sources”. Techase has been pursuing innovation and optimization of product technology and devoted to promoting product developing, making efforts for sludge reduction, recycling, and harmless.
2 Days off
Looking Forward to Seeing You.
Techase Booth: 7.1H426

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